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The website is just meant for the showcase of our Products. For now online orders are deffered unitl further notice. For Bulk Inquiries please mail us on : .

we are leaders in manufacturing & selling engineering products and training equipments for robotic institutes. vegarobokit proudly announces that we sell our product all over india. vegarobokit was started in the year 2008, with a prime motto to design and develop hardware and software products to keep in tune with the developing technology in the field of electronics, robotic and also to offer good sales support with effective service backup, powerful r&d and technical support.

3d开奖号157前后关系 customer enquiries are welcome and we are happy to provide potential customers with quotations, estimates or just some general product information. we're proud of our products and love to talk about them - as well as sell them. have a look at our contact page to see the various ways you can get in touch.

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